How can you get people out of debt so fast?

There are several reasons why we can get people like you out of debt much faster than you could on your own.

First, because we have developed a good relationship with your creditors, they know we have reviewed your financial situation thoroughly. We are able to represent your condition to them and in the vast majority of instances, receive the maximum concessions they allow: lower interest rates, elimination of late fees and over the limit fees & lower monthly payments to fit your budget.

Second, AA Canada Credit Advisors uses a procedure called “roll-down”, where once a creditor is paid off; we roll that money to another creditor, usually the one with the highest interest rate. That allows the best use of your money, paying more towards principle which in turns reduces the amount of interest charged to your account.

Finally, we assign an account manager to you who will be most knowledgeable about your situation and needs. The account manager can make decisions to improve the program based on a working knowledge of your financial situation. That is why it is important to keep your account manager up to date on any changes to your finances.