What is a debt management program and how does it work?

A Debt Management Program is one option to assist a consumer in eliminating debt problems. The process is exemplified by a third party that has reviewed the situation and believes the consumer’s finances will meet standards that creditors will accept as sufficient: normally completing repayment within 60 months. A DMP is a voluntary arrangement between consumer and creditor that is managed by the third party. Most third parties are independent of the creditors and work for the consumer’s benefit. The consumer agrees to forward funds to the third party each month, which then disburses said funs to all the creditors each month. Creditors are more ready to deal with a third party as the decision making of making payments has been temporarily taken out of the consumer’s hands. AA Canada Credit Advisors maintains a relationship with each of the major creditors and hundreds of local creditors for the benefit of their clients. Those benefits may include concessions from creditors on interest rate and lower monthly payments, allowing the client to pay their debts quicker.