When Do You Need Help?
Take a second to answer our “get out of debt” quiz. We have put together these questions to help you see just where you stand in relation to your finances
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1 - Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck with no breathing room? 
2 - Have you struggled trying to pay off two or more credit card bills? 
3 - Are you unable to put aside any of your salary towards savings, investments, retirement, or college funds? 
4 - Have you been crushed by the weight of a new car or hospital bills in addition to your credit card bills? 
5 - Have you received calls from creditors or collection agencies regarding overdue payments? 
6 - Are money problems causing undue stress or conflict in your home? 
7 - Have you borrowed money from one credit card to pay another? 
8 - Have you been charged extra for late payments or failure to make payments? 
9 - Are your interest rates above 8%?
10 - Have you been considering filing for bankruptcy?