About Us
Our staff here at AA Credit Advisors, has been helping people get out of debt-with dignity-for more than 50 years. We've helped thousands of people get control of their money problems and go on with their lives-and we can help you too. Here's how.
We are the ultimate problem solvers:
Credit Cards   Finance Companies
Car Loans   Student Loans
Medical Bills   Mortgage Payments
Back Taxes   Department Stores
Collection Agencies   Se Habla Espanol

Benefits to you:
Free Confidential Counseling   Credit Reports Obtained and explained
Relief from nagging creditors   Quick, Written Creditor Notification
Payments reduced up to 50%   Interest rates reduced or dropped
Fast Application Process
- 20 minutes or less
  Consolidate all bills & payments
(Not a loan)
Improves most Credit Ratings   Instant Peace of Mind